Edinburgh based web design.

We are a web agency that is more interested in building your business than just creating a beautiful website.

How we differ from other web design companies.

How many websites have you built?

Not many is our guess - that's why we don't ask you what do you want in your website. We will not respond to a Request for Quote unless we have helped you define what it is you want your website to do.


We find out all about your business, your market, your competition and what your customers want - this helps form a marketing plan.

Plan & Development

Having identified what your customers want, we then develop the marketing plan into something tangible. This not only includes your website, it includes email marketing campaigns built into the visitors journey through your website and as they get to know and trust you. It includes creating articles and blog posts aimed to help your customers again building their trust in you which will bring them along the journey from not knowing you to being a customer. Rarely will someone purchase from an unknown business.

Launch & Support

Once built, we will launch your marketing strategy, including your website. Then we will help you keep it up to date, monitor the performance and pro-actively help you market your business.

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Graphite Web Solutions is owned and run by me, Steve Johnson, and I have been building websites since 2006 when I started my we design business. I very quickly realised I could help my clients develop their business as well as create a web presence for them as I understand marketing, customer needs and how to help you grow your business in the right direction.

I have been a member of UGURUS Mastermind since 2014, the top community of web professionals from around the world. This gives us direct access to the skills and expertise of some of the best web professionals there are giving us an amazing virtual team!

Let us help you grow your business:


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