Business Discovery

There is no way we can create you an effective website without understanding your business inside and out and there is no way we can provide an estimate of costs without undertaking a detailed study of your business.

Your USP - Why should someone purchase from you?

We first need to understand what it is your business has to offer that very few others in your field are able to match. We need to identify what it is you do, how you do it and how you are going to keep on doing it.

The problems you solve for your customer or the needs you meet

Understanding what you offer will help us determine what pains, problems or issues you can solve for your customer or what needs you can address. This will form the fundamental aim of all your marketing strategy in order to convince your customer you are the one who can help them.

Identify your customer

Once we know what problems you solve, we can then identify the type of people who may have those problems or needs. This allows us to form a strategy to reach these customers including the message we need to get across, where those customers may be and how we are going to reach them.

Review your competition

You should know who your competitors are, how well they are doing, what they are doing well (learn from this, not copy, but learn), what they are not doing well (a gap in the market your USP could fill) and their overall performance. This needs to be monitored so you stay informed and do not get left behind.

Develop your project

Carrying out the detailed discovery above will allow us to bring together the information and create a marketing solution focused on growing your business by reaching the right people and solving their problems or needs.