What to include in a Well Being, Life Coach Website

Focus on what a potential client is looking for.

Things a Well Being client may to know

Whilst it may be nice to know you are a family business and have been open for 15 years, this is not the first thing your potential customer wants to know. Put yourself in their shoes and ask what might they need to know?

Essential things for a life coach website

  • Heron Hypnotherapy & NLP - Perth, Dundee, BlairgowrieWhen you are open - have your opening times top right, don't make people look for them
  • Your phone number - some people just like the speed of phoning, booking and then getting on with their day so put your phone number under your opening times (they are connected, not open, no answer!)
  • The main pains, problems and issues you solve - talk about these as the customer, not you!
  • Your main service is helping people overcome their issues so focus on their issues, offer some tips on how they can help themselves and then how you can help
  • A map - to show people where you are so they can find you!
  • A photo of the outside - so they recognise they have found you.

If you want to be more pro-active and boost your marketing activity then consider the following possibilities.

Nice to haves

  • Sharon's Hypnotherapy - Glasgow Fertility | The Fertile Body Methoda mailing list - always try to capture your diners email addresses and get their permission to email them so you can provide a series of hints and advice
  • separate your mailing list into different personas so you can address specific issues rather than cover a wide range that are not applicable to everyone on your list
  • have a pro-active email marketing process to remind your customers you are still in business
  • social media pages and activity, make sure it is 2 way and not just on transmit sell sell sell (goes for all social media activity)
  • perhaps some social media advertising too

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