Customer Expectations

Are you good at attracting new customers but struggle to either sell more things to them or retain them? Once a customer has purchased from you this is a huge opportunity to continue to delight them so they either purchase again or promote/refer your services.
Customer delight - we will help you determine how to maintain your relationship with your customers and keep bringing them value. Don't let them get away!

Clearly this is very industry dependent but there are usually ways to go on to delight your customer so they continue to engage with you and either purchase more and/or recommend you. So always look at what they have already purchased and identify possible follow up opportunities.  Think about:

  • Email marketing - what could you offer, provide or give in support of your business
  • Loyalty discounts or offers
  • Recommend a friend
  • A personal contact some time later to ask how they are getting on - shows you care

When we work with our clients we help them understand ways they can go on to delight their customers and use this as part of their overall marketing.

If this makes some sense then feel free to get in touch to see if we can help you gain marketing clarity.

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